What are the benefits for applying for IBF accreditation under IBF Standards Training Scheme ("IBF-STS") and Financial Training Scheme ("FTS")?

IBF accredited courses under the IBF-STS are subjected to an independent review by the IBF to ensure that the training institution and courses meet industry standards.   IBF accreditation therefore serves as an industry-endorsed mark of quality for training providers looking to offer courses to Singapore's financial industry.

Course accredited under the IBF-STS are aligned to the Skills Framework for Financial Services and forms the bedrock of training courses to equip finance professionals with skills needed for their jobs. Participants who attend an IBF-STS accredited programme can acquire skills leading to IBF Certification.  

The FTS recognises thematic and ad-hoc training courses suitable for financial sector practitioners who are looking for training courses as part of their continuous professional development journey.

All IBF recognised courses are also eligible for the course fee subsidy under IBF-STS or FTS.